Where do i find armor in the game?

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by Ganesh on Thu Nov 07, 2002 12:22 amPostQuick Link PostView Single Post

IIRC the Nameless One can not wear any armor ...
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by Jor on Fri Nov 08, 2002 3:22 pmPostQuick Link PostView Single Post

Only Annah and Fall-From-Grace can get new armour in Torment.

For the rest, including TNO, there are only tattoos (but these can be more powerful than any kind of armour anyway!)

You can find a mod at Platter's site which does add armour to the game, but keep in mind this is of course not part of the normal game.
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by Sir Arthur on Sat Apr 02, 2005 3:36 pmPostQuick Link PostView Single Post

You can get armor from the Modron Maze, you have to kill a hard construct to get it, I think. I got a cheat off this site that lets me find armor, I don''t know if Modron is one of it. :devil:
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