a bug of Planescape:Torment

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a bug of Planescape:Torment

by nonname on Mon Feb 06, 2006 8:53 amPostQuick Link PostView Single Post

System: windows xp sp2 (simplified Chinese)

Version of Game: 4CD

Official 1.1 Patch Installed: Yes

Fix Pack Installed: Yes(1.37)

Mods Installed: Convert Torment to English & Planescape: Torment Restoration Pack

Description of Problem: when morte cast a spell, the game crashes and return to desktop with a message: xxx~\ infinite.cpp at line: 3433. I have tried many ways to solve it, like clear cache & temp folder, run at win98 compatibility mode, or 16bit color mode, but it still crashes.

At last, I load a very early save, it works, but I don’t want to return to such an early state. is there any other solution for this problem? Thanks very much.
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by Ganesh on Tue Feb 07, 2006 6:22 amPostQuick Link PostView Single Post

sorry can't help you here .. there's a possiblity that the add-ons caused the crash so you could try e-mailing the developers
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