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you can only sell certain stuff to certain merchants
Finding Work? No way to earn money? Want to live honestly without following the
above tip?? Sure, but not advisable! You earn about 5 - 50 gold coins per
minute. The first way I knew of getting money.

In Paws, you can buy mutton from the merchant Morfin and sell it to the cooking
master in Lord British's castle making a profit of 2 gold coins per mutton.

In Lord British's Castle, you can sell mutton at 5 gold pieces making a profit
of 2 gold piece per mutton. Sell it to the master cooker.

Also, you can deliver grain to Thurston for Polly and earn 10 gold coins.

If you visit the baker in Britain, he gives two types of jobs, baking bread and
getting flour from the flour man. You can bake bread and make money or get flour
for him from the miller in Paws.

If you come across any serpent venom, sell these to Kessler in Britain for 50
gold coins a piece.

You can collect eggs for Mack, earning 1 gold coin per egg.

You can collect pumpkins for Brownie and earn 1 gold coin per pumpkin.

Free food is also provided in Lord British's castle! Just get it from the Master
Cooker at the appropriate time. Not advisable though. I always go to the stables
in Britain where there are two or one cows and horses. There, I kill the cows
for food and keep them in a crate in my carpet!!

Kill beasts and foes for their MONEY.

You can enter dungeons and kill dragons for the gems they have and sell it to
the jeweler, Sean, in Britain. Dungeon Destard has dragons that guard gems and
gold. You can also kill monsters, like headlesses, and search their bodies for
gold nuggets and sell these to the Mint at 10 per nugget. Some paladins and
fighters, who are normally hostile, have lots of amour in them, including plate.
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