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by noctrine on Wed Sep 01, 2004 2:37 amPostQuick Link PostView Single Post


Great to find a Planescape forum with a recent post. I just decided to reinstall Torment and it doesn't work. After installing, I checked "launch Torment" and I get the error:

"The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000005). Click on OK to terminate the application."

I applied the patch, same error. XP Pro, latest Detanator, I'm fanatical about keeping drivers etc. up to date. I do not have SP2, however.

Earlier, without testing, I installed, copied the CDs (4CD version), updated, and applied the NoCD patch, and found that clicking the icon did nothing! My CPU usage spiked briefly, but absolutely nothing happened. I undid the torment.ini changes and reverted to the un-cracked torment.exe - same results! Nothing! Then I cleared out the directory and reinstalled to find the "application failed to init..." error.

Everything else on my PC works like a champ. Has anyone seen anything like this? I have eMule+ running, Zone Alarm, and AVG (virus).

Thanks a million,
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