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The Cranium Rat bug

by Shtanto on Sun Oct 18, 2009 7:23 pmPostQuick Link PostView Single Post


I would like to address the 'cranium rat bug'. This bug typically occurs under the following conditions:
- Player has a clean install of Planescape: Torment with or without mods and/or patches
- * In my case, I have a full install as per instructions here and here
- Player has an up-to-date system (as of 2008) with an Nvidia 8 series graphics card
- Player has entered the weeping stone catacombs
- Player encounters a cranium rat
- - The rat is invisible. Only a red ring indicates its position. No apparent texture files appears.
> The crash occurs in a few different ways
> - Player attacks the cranium rat
> - Cranium rat casts a spell (usually ball lightning)
> - - Spell may or may not cast successfully
> - Game freezes for a moment before crash dialog is displayed.
> - The following error message sometimes occurs
An Assertion failed In F:\Torment\source\chitin\ChVidPal.cpp at line number 1124

This one is fairly specific. It's only 1 creature in 1 place that's causing the problem. Emptying the cache and temp folders didn't work unfortunatley. As regards an gameplay solution, I suppose I could try training as a thief dry.gif

My WeiDU log is here
// Log of Currently Installed WeiDU Mods
// The top of the file is the 'oldest' mod
// ~TP2_File~ #language_number #component_number // [Subcomponent Name -> ] Component Name [ : Version]
~WIDESCREEN/WIDESCREEN.TP2~ #0 #0 // Widescreen Mod: Widescreen Mod v2.2
~SETUP-GHOSTDOG'S-PST-UI.TP2~ #0 #1 // GhostDog's Planescape: Torment UI -> PST UI with 30% bigger fonts (Only for the English Version): v1.21
~SETUP-PST-TWEAK.TP2~ #0 #1 // Banter Accelerator? If so, Choose interval between banters. -> Interparty Banter Every 6 game hours (30 minutes) <Recommended>: v3.51
~SETUP-PST-TWEAK.TP2~ #0 #5 // Maximized HP Per Level for TNO and Party: v3.51
~SETUP-PST-TWEAK.TP2~ #0 #6 // Maximized Friends Spell: v3.51
~SETUP-PST-TWEAK.TP2~ #0 #7 // Stackable Rings, Charms, Bracelets, Scrolls: v3.51
~SETUP-PST-TWEAK.TP2~ #0 #8 // Scale of Souls: v3.51
~SETUP-PST-TWEAK.TP2~ #0 #10 // Save Nordom! Tweak: v3.51
~SETUP-PST-TWEAK.TP2~ #0 #12 // Power Action Leprechaun Annah, by Black Isle: v3.51
~SETUP-PST-TWEAK.TP2~ #0 #13 // Easter Egg Morte, by Black Isle: v3.51
~SETUP-PST-TWEAK.TP2~ #0 #14 // Explore City Areas: v3.51
~SETUP-PST-TWEAK.TP2~ #0 #18 // No Battle Music: v3.51
~SETUP-PST-UB.TP2~ #0 #0 // All Recommended PS:T Unfinished Business Components: v3.01
~SETUP-PST-UB.TP2~ #0 #50 // Expanded Deionarra's Truth Mod: v3.01
~SETUP-PST-FIX.TP2~ #0 #0 // PS:T Ultimate WeiDU Fixpack, by Qwinn: v3.02
~SETUP-PST-FIX.TP2~ #0 #1 // Dialogue Spelling/Grammar Corrections (English Only): v3.02
~NVIDIA_FIX/NVIDIA_FIX.TP2~ #0 #0 // Fix NVidia graphical glitches

Thanks for all who read this. I've reposted from If you'd prefer me to delete that post, let me know :wink:
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