Possessed Furby Call

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Possessed Furby Call

by amywetzel on Thu Jul 15, 2010 12:47 pmPostQuick Link PostView Single Post

Hi- i am new to the forum and i love, love , love prank phone calls! I saw on Laugher Hell's front page that the "Possessed Furby Call" is done by the "Jerky Boys". It's not done by the Jerky Boys, but done by radio personality, Todd Schnitt, who goes by the radio stage name of "MJ' and has the "MJ Morning Show" that can be heard in Tampa, FL on 93.3 and St. Louis, MO on Z107.7. The name he uses for these prank calls is "Milton Fludgecow" and he always references to his overweight son, "Chauncy". I am a prank call fanatic and MJ does some great ones! I have even considered going into the prank call business. Just an FYI. Love you guys!
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Re: Possessed Furby Call

by TomJerry on Fri Oct 01, 2010 2:16 amPostQuick Link PostView Single Post

oww at last i saw one like me.

i'm like you too that frank speaking but not that really.

if i got drunk and spirit of alcohol comes in me i do that.

:P :P :P
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