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Re: Extracting Speech Files from Serpent Isle

Postby Treesong on Mon Jan 04, 2010 3:02 pm

I tried playing through to the point where the walkthrough says that the Great Earth Serpent says "Hasten! The imbalance grows stronger." The walkthrough says that he says it after you complete the Realm of Dreams quest, and that's also when I thought he said it. But he doesn't say it then! Instead, he says "Hero from another world! Know that it is I the Great Earth Serpent whom thou liberated from imprisonment in the days of Exodus the Destroyer. If only thou couldst help me now Avatar."

Anyone have any ideas? I even found a page that contains a list of Great Earth Serpent Quotes. But it doesn't contain the one I'm looking for. Any help in tracking this one down would be greatly appreciated.
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