Topic: Extracting Speech Files from Serpent Isle

Extracting Speech Files from Serpent Isle

Postby Treesong on Thu May 07, 2009 4:05 pm

This is a rather odd and particular question, but I'm going to ask anyway... :)

I played/beat Serpent Isle long ago when it first came out, and I'm fond of the little speech clips in Black Gate and Serpent Isle. I found a speech extractor program here on Bootstrike:

The extractor works for all Black Gate audio (near as I can tell) and most Serpent Isle audio (near as I can tell). But the one Serpent Isle file that I wanted most of all isn't there for some reason. It's the one where the Great Earth Serpent says "Hasten! The imbalance grows stronger."

Has anyone else had any luck getting all of the speech files from Serpent Isle? I could just go to the spot where the serpent says this quote, but after poking around a bit I've determined that even with the cheat code I would have to play through a significant portion of the game to get that $@%! serpent to say the proper line... :) [I apparently need to get the Serpent Earrings in the legitimate way for him to say his lines in the proper order. Otherwise once I've completed the Gorlab dreamworld quest, he says "A new hero has entered this world!" instead of "Hasten! The imbalance grows stronger."]

Of course, playing through these quests again would/will be fun. :) But I am an often-busy and sometimes-lazy man and would rather just have the file. Then I can play Serpent Isle start to finish some other day when I have the time and inclination.

Any ideas? Any thoughts/advice/etc would be appreciated.